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Joy in a Bottle Riesling



Tasting Note
A very refreshing Riesling with beautiful intense aromas and flavour profile of flowers and fresh peach, full and creamy body, high midpalate concentration and very long and structured finish.

A beauty in its freshness, approachability and structure. It has a deep lemon colour from 1/3 of the wine being fermented with 15% whole bunches. This short maceration also results in an intensely and expressive nose with aromas of yellow flowers, fresh peach, grass, lime and passion fruit which is complex with a very slightly developed nose of crashed cashew nuts and white pepper. In the mouth an electric and steely acidity which reminds of Riesling. The mouthfeel is linear and holds the wine together and is perfectly in balance with the full creamy body and the fine structured finish which adds to the aging potential of this wine. The flavour is intense and bright with again the yellow fruits, a fresh green note and richness on the midpalate. The complexity of the wine comes from the high quality grapes and the vinification method where three separate fractions of fermentation are blended. It shows a deep concentration of flavour with a very long and persistent finish on flowers and freshness. It is a beauty in its approachability, but can also hold, and will get better, for the next 10-12 years to come.

Food pairing
It can be drunk on itself as an aperitif, but with its freshness, structure and full body, will pair beautifully with a wide range of foods. Examples are fresh and fat fishes with possible a rich sauce. Also grilled vegetables, lighter meats and shellfish such as shrimps or lobster. The intensity and spiciness of a curry also makes a great pairing. The wine arguably comes best in its right with support of an oyster. Open 30 minutes before drinking without decantation and drink at a temperature of 13-14C.

Made from organic grapes from the steep ‘Stiegel’ vineyard in Osterfingen, Schaffhausen AOC
Yield of 40hl/ha
100% Riesling
Chalky soils
Single guyot trellis system
No use of pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate or other chemical fertilizers.
Only use of Cupper and Sulphur, 14 passages a year. Under legal limit of 4kg/ha.
30-40 year old vines

100% Riesling, hand harvested and brought directly to the winery to keep its freshness. Three separate fractions of fermentation with ambient yeasts. 1/3 fermented in plastic wooden vats shortly with 15% whole bunches to add structure and intense aromas to the wine, 1/3 fermented in steel tanks to keep the natural freshness of the wine, 1/3 fermented in used barrels to add roundness and slight developed flavours. Kept on the fine lees after fermentation for some spiciness and a round sensation. Aged separately in plastic vat, steel tank and barrel for 11 months. Three separate fractions blended in September with 10mg/L Sulphur dioxide (SO2) added. After blending a natural Malolactic fermentation occurred. Very lightly filtered before bottling and at bottling addition of 20mg/L sulphur dioxide (SO2) to add aging potential and against bottle variation. Next to sulphur dioxide no other additions were made during the winemaking process. Total production of 1200 bottles.

Technical Data
pH: 3.14
Tartaric acidity: 6.56
Volatile acidity: 0.57
Alcohol: 12.2% ABV
Sugar: 0.0g/L
Malic Acid: 0.0g/L
30mg/L Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) added. allowed is 200mg/L
Nutritional value 324KJ/77Kcal 100ML energy


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